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Please issue the corrective invoice due to a change of the purchaser (all details including VAT ID#).
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A change of entity is not recognised by the Polish tax authorities as a 'minor mistake' and therefore cannot be made by a simple corrective note. When changing the entity, unfortunately, the conference registration has to be withdrawn and carried out anew. The sequence of action is as follows:

  1. upon receipt of your application, we will issue and send you a corrective invoice for the full amount,
  2. we expect you to sign the correction and send it back to us (ideally with e.g. a digital signature - it takes longer in the case of the traditional one),
  3. upon receipt of the signed correction, we send you the reimbursement (any commission will be deducted if we incurred it),
  4. we cancel your participation in Konfeo,
  5. you register again with the new invoice data; the rest of the steps are the same as in a regular registration (payment, advance invoice, and, after the conference, the final invoice).

Sometimes, it can be simpler for you to directly re-invoice the participation to the new payer. Of course, he must agree to this arrangement - make sure this is possible before you start whole the process.

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